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How to calculate the cost of fruit Cold room?

  Type:Industry News   Date:2018-04-27 11:37:49  

How to calculate the cost of fruit Cold room?
Is the fruit storehouse charged by square or cubic? A lot of people will ask this question, first of all, we want to clear 1 cold storage concepts. The fruit fresh-keeping warehouse is not calculated according to the flat rice. The fruit fresh-keeping warehouse is a kind of product. According to the general specifications, it can be estimated according to the cubic number, but the price of different size cold storage units is different, and the general same specification is in the same size. The larger the cube of cold storage, the smaller the price of refrigerated warehouse per cubic meter.
The factors affecting the price of fruit fresh-keeping warehouse:
1, the location of cold storage will generally affect the construction cost of cold storage, and it also affects the late use cost of cold storage (electricity fee and water fee). If the logistics type cold storage will cause pressure on the surrounding section, the cold storage should take full account of the influence of the cold storage on the surrounding environment.

2, insulation system, insulation system is divided into: insulation board, ground insulation, cold storage door, etc., cold storage insulation system directly affects the cold storage operation energy dissipation.
3, it is related to the size of cold storage. The larger the cold storage, the lower the cost of the unit cubic cold storage.
4, the brand of equipment is also very different. General Hao Shuang refrigeration is a famous international brand. This kind of brand price ratio is relatively high, but the market is full of some high imitation, miscellaneous brand, refurbishment machine, please shine your eyes, the price of brand equipment is basically transparent, the cost is too low basically high imitation, miscellaneous brand, renovating machine, this kind of equipment will encounter low cooling effect and failure in the process of use. High rate, short service life and so on.

5, different cold storage points will lead to different cost of the same volume of cold storage. This is because the number of sub divisions affects the cold storage equipment, insulation board and so on.
6, the use of different designs for cold storage is also different. It needs to be designed according to the use effect. For example, if the inflammable and explosive materials are stored, the chemical explosion-proof library will be used. If it is a vaccine cold storage, it will be used in accordance with the standard of GSP drug management.
After seeing the above introduction, you probably also have a general understanding of the composition of the cost of the cold storage. In order to avoid the problem of the later stage of the cold storage, Hao Shuang refrigeration suggested that when there is a cold storage to use, do not simply ask how much money in the cold storage, we can call us to your field survey, and let us understand your ideas, similar to me We can give you the exact cost, and you also have some idea of where your money is spent. The project has not been finalized, and all the previous measurements, designs, plans and expenses are all free.

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