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Internet intelligence refrigeration unit for cold room

  Type:Industry News   Date:2018-06-06 18:41:14  
Internet intelligence refrigeration unit for cold room

We have one type internet intelligence refrigeration unit for cold room. the details was attached.please check it. 
What is internet intelligence refrigeration unit?
1:Condensing unit will be finished charging freon (R404A/R134a) before shipment. its the same easy as air-conditioning for installation.
2:Temperature will be control by mobile phone.
3:Electric expansion valve. it can be adjusted thousands of times. but normal expansion valve is only adjusted hundred.(already finished installation before shipment)
4:There are 5 sets of temperature sensors. suction temperature sensor,discharge temperature sensor,ambient temperature sensor,condensing temperature sensor.cold room temperature sensor.
5:There are 2 sets of pressure sensors. High pressure & low pressure sensors.
6:Hot freon defrost. it is according to pressure to defrost in the system. not according to time to defrost. so much more energy-saving. assemble 4-ways valve.
7:Condensing fan is stepless spped regulation. 
8:Compressor is copeland scroll series full hermetic low noisy compressor.
9:Power is from 2HP to 15HP.
If you are interested in this refrigeration system.kindly please feel free to inform us .
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