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Blast Freezer Cold room

  Type:Industry News   Date:2017-09-19 10:56:47  
Blast Freezer Project

1)Product:Fresh Meat
2)Each Time Come Goods Capacity:3Tons 
3)Each cooling time:5 hours.
4)Cold room temperature:-35C/Meat Inside center temperature:-15C to -18C


This blast freezer will need 75KW cooling capacity. 30HP Two stage Bitzer(S6F-30.2Y) cooling capacity is 25.3KW at -40C evaporating temperature/+40C condensing temperature/R404A.So it will need 3 units of 30HP Bitzer two stage compressor unit.the details is as following:

1)Bitzer (S6F-30.2Y) Two stage compressor condensing unit.includes: Compressor,air-cooled condenser FNV-73/210 with 2x700mm fans,30L receiver tank, oil separator,accumulator,dry filter,liquid sight glass,shut on.off valve,High & low pressure guage,high & low pressure pressure control. solenoid valve,shock reducer etc.Installation copper pipe:7/8 & 2-1/8

Qty: 3 units.

Cooling capacity:26KW
Heating area:170m2
Fin space:9mm
Fan power:4x550W
Defrost power:17600W
Outside dimension:L3520mmxW680mmxH740mm

Qty:3 units

3)Expansion valve:10TR

4)Wiring control Box.
The 3 compressor units & Evaporators will use only one temperature controller. not 3.
Overload protector,short phase protector,over current protector,overload voltage protector etc.

Superman temperature control.
Schneider Contactor
CHINT air-switch & breaker.
New asia protector.

5)Panel is 150mm thickness PU 304 stainless steel panels with 750mmx1700mm swing door. the cold room outside dimension is L12mxW3.5mxH2.5m

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