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The characteristics of the ice flack machine

  Type:Industry News   Date:2018-05-08 15:20:01  
The characteristics of the ice flack machine
The ice flake machine is widely used in various areas which need cold. It is mainly used in supermarket preservation, hotel, restaurant, poultry slaughtering, aquatic product preservation, chemical dyes, chemical pigments, ocean fishing and so on. What are the advantages of the ice flake machine?
First, the advantages of the ice machine equipment.

1, the ice machine is controlled by PLC programmable control system. The operation is stable and safe. The user can control the energy consumption and automatic control according to the power consumption.
2, compared with other ice makers, the slice ice machine has the advantages of quick freezing time and ice production for 1 minutes.
3, the cost is low, the production cost of ice is very economic, the water of 16 degrees Celsius will be cooled to 1 tons of piece of ice, only about 80 degrees.
4, the ice machine installed a variety of protection devices such as high and low pressure, water break, limit, overload and so on. It enhanced the safety and stability performance of the ice maker, and allowed the users to stop the ice making directly when the ice was not needed. The evaporator has simple internal structure and high versatility, so it is reliable, easy to maintain and easy to maintain.
5, the ice sheet machine is fully automatic controlled, and the operator can operate only by pressing the switch. The material of the evaporator is treated with the surface of the imported 304 stainless steel or the surface of carbon steel with high efficiency and efficiency, which ensures the super corrosion resistant function of the ice bucket and the clean sanitary of the ice sheet.

Two. The ice machine produces the advantages of the ice.
1, the ice machine produced about the thickness of the ice about 1.8-2.2mm is about the irregular shape. Compared with the traditional ice making machine, there is no need for two pieces of processing to be used directly.
2, the contact area of the piece of ice is large and the cooling effect is reduced. As an example, the area of the 1 ton ice machine is compared with the granular ice, and the cooling effect of the ice and the grain ice is 2-5 times.
3, slice ice drying, no acute angle, in cold storage process will not damage the refrigerated items.

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