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Sea Water Flack Ice Machine

  Type:Industry News   Date:2018-05-08 15:28:13  
Sea Water Flack Ice Machine

Characteristics and characteristics of sea water ice machine:
1, large contact area and fast refrigeration
Because of the flat shape of ice sheet, it has larger surface area than other shapes of the same weight. The greater the contact surface area, the better the ice making effect. For example, the minimum surface area of one ton of ice is 1579 square meters, and its type ice, such as pipe ice particles, can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters, so the ice making effect is 2 to 5 times higher than that of tube ice and granular ice.

2. The freshness of food is excellent
Slice ice texture is dry, soft and without acute angle, which can protect the packaged food during cold storage. The flat shape will minimize damage to the refrigerated object.
3, mixed thoroughly
Because of the huge surface area of ice sheet, the speed of its heat exchange process, slice ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and increase humidity for the mixture.
Working principle of sea water ice machine
The seawater evaporator is a vertical barrel structure. It consists of ice skates, main shaft, sprinkler and water tray. They rotate slowly counterclockwise under the drive of the reducer. Water flows from the inlet of the evaporator of the ice making machine into the water separation plate, and sprinkles the water evenly on the inner wall of the evaporator to form a water film. The water film is heat exchange with the refrigerant in the evaporator flow channel, the temperature is rapidly reduced, and a thin layer of ice is formed on the inner wall of the evaporator. Fall into the ice store. Part of the unfrozen water is reflued from the backwater to the cold water box through the water receiving tray, and enters the next cycle through the cold water circulation pump. The small commercial ice sheet machine is commonly used in supermarkets or restaurants (Sheng Xian) because of its convenience, low cost and clean and crystal clear ice. Not only can it effectively keep fresh, but also can increase the beauty of display for customers and stores. Sometimes it will also be used for small aquatic products, meat processing, poultry slaughtering, medical equipment, etc.

Application scope of ice making machine:
1. Meat processing, fishery production and processing of refrigerated aquatic products.
2. Fresh-keeping and refrigerating of seafood, fish and vegetables
3, all kinds of large concrete cooling projects
3, the commercial use of supermarkets, hotels, hotels, etc.
4, wharf, ocean freight, cold chain logistics, etc.
5, printing, dyeing, chemical and other industrial production process cooling
6, medical, laboratory, and other scientific research of ice
7, the response of the mine heat damage and the air conditioning cold storage
8, artificial skating, artificial skiing

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