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The advantages of the ice flake machine in food processing

  Type:Industry News   Date:2018-05-08 15:31:53  
The advantages of the ice flake machine in food processing:
1, the ice mechanism of the slice ice mechanism is high, and the cold water loss ice machine uses cold water to make ice. The whole evaporator fully contacts the water source and evaporates quickly to form the ice layer. The spiral ice knife will cut and scrape quickly, and the evaporator and the evaporator are protected by the high efficiency insulation layer, and the cooling loss is small.
2. The ice flake produced by the ice machine is of good quality. The evaporator of the dry unbonded chip ice machine is designed with the spiral groove structure. The water supply is uniform and the evaporation efficiency is high. The water and the refrigerant on the ice bucket can be fully heat exchange, forming a thick and dry ice layer. The thickness of the ice is 1.8~ 2.5mm, the ice is not easy to bond and is convenient for the user. Use;

3, the ice machine produced by the ice machine is rich in variety and simple in structure. The small piece of ice machine covers a variety of series, such as fresh water, sea water, self cooling source, self cooling source, and ice storage. The amount of Nissan ice is 400Kg / 24h - 50000Kg/24h and many other specifications. Users can choose the suitable machine according to the use and water quality. The ice making machine is small in volume, simple in structure, easy to install, small in area, low noise and so on.
4, the PLC programmable control system of the ice machine is stable, and the freezer is controlled by PLC programmable control system. The operation performance is stable and safe. The user can control the energy consumption and automatic control according to the power consumption.
The features of the ice sheet machine produced by the ice sheet machine:
5, the ice machine is easy to operate, the hygienic standard is high, the ice sheet machine is fully automatic controlled, and the operator can operate only by pressing the switch. The material of the evaporator is treated with the surface of the imported 304 stainless steel or the surface of carbon steel with high efficiency and efficiency, which ensures the super corrosion resistant function of the ice bucket and the clean sanitary of the ice sheet.

The application of the ice sheet machine:
6, the ice machine perfect fault protection device ice machine installed high and low pressure, water break, limit, overload and other protection devices, and enhance the safety and stability of the ice maker, allowing users to stop making ice directly when the ice is not needed. The evaporator has simple internal structure and high versatility, so it is reliable in operation, easy to maintain and easy to maintain.

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